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Current Residents
Current Residents

For current tenants who have questions

Easy online rent payment
Evernest Home Buying Assistance
Lease Agreement FAQs
Can I get my deposit back faster than 30 days?
Why am I being charged a $99 Lease Initiation Fee?
I keep getting emails about renewing my lease. How can I make them stop?
Why did I receive an email about a utility bill for dates prior to when I moved in?
Can I hang things on the walls?
Why am I receiving emails about new charges or a balance on my account when I already made the payment this month?
How will the condition of the property be established at the time I move in?
Can I paint the home?
Can I stop paying pet fees and get my pet deposit back if we no longer have a pet in the home?
Can I get a pet or add another animal to my current lease?
What do I do if I lock myself out of the home or if I lose my keys?
How To Request A Maintenance Issue
I got an email saying I have a bad account. What does this mean, and how can I fix it?
When is the security deposit refunded?
How much of the security deposit is refundable?
We pay separate payments. Why isn't the system letting us make another payment?
What happens when I pay rent late?
I know my rent will be late. What are my options? Can I pay on "X" date?
Can the owner or representative enter my home without notice?
CredHub Introduction
Credit Reporting Details & FAQs
Maintenance Policy for Residents
How Do I Pay My Rent Online?
Resident Portal Help
Resident Benefits Package
Property Damage Liability Waiver For Residents (PDLW)
Can I go Month-to-Month at the end of my Contract?
Internet Not Working in Daybreak
Pre-move-out Estimates
Air Conditioning and Heating Policy (HVAC)
Showings for Occupied Properties
During Lease: At Least one resident wants to vacate and at least one resident wants to stay
End of Lease: At least one resident wants to vacate and at least one resident wants to stay
How to Give Notice to Vacate
How to Add Additional Roommates During a Lease
Moving Out? What to Expect
How to Get Your Security Deposit Back When Moving Out?
Can I Use Part of My Home as a Business?
Utility & Maintenance Reduction Program FAQs
I have bugs, pests, mice or cockroaches.
How Do I Terminate My Lease Early?
Why does my lease expire in the middle of the month? Or exactly one year?
Nest Thermostat Hard Reset