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How To Request A Maintenance Issue
How To Request A Maintenance Issue

To report any maintenance issues, problems, or requests for service at your rental property.

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We require that all tenants submit non-emergency repair requests in writing on the Maintenance Portal. The fastest and best method to resolve the issue is using the link below.

Once a repair request is submitted, Nestwell will troubleshoot the issue with you. If you and the representative cannot fix the problem, Nestwell will gather the property owner’s approval and dispatch a vendor. Depending on the issue, it will be handle in a specific timeframe below.

Emergency Repairs: High

Definition of an Emergency: A sudden unforeseen crisis that requires immediate action because it is a threat to the safety or health of individuals or may cause significant damage to the property. Examples include electrical hazards, fire, flooding, sewer backup, or a fallen tree.

For Emergencies, please call 801-268-4134 ext 2 AND complete a service request. If you receive a voicemail, be sure to leave your name, property address, and as many details about the issue.

  • Target Response Time: >8 hours

Additional Emergency Response Contacts

  • Sewer Backup or Flooding causing damage to the property, call (801) 268-4134 ext 2.

  • Fire or smoke causing immediate danger, call 911.

  • Gas smells or leaks call Questar Gas at 801-324-5111 and 911.

  • Electrical call Dominion Energy at 1-888-221-7070.

Sometimes some items are uncomfortable, but they are not emergencies, which are temporary loss of air conditioning or heat (Maintenance Policy), broken appliances, or no hot water.

Urgent Repairs: Medium

Urgent situations that may interrupt the everyday enjoyment of your home or it that could develop into an emergency if not dealt with soon. Examples include a leaking faucet, slow drains, no heat, no air condition, running toilet, malfunctioning appliance, loss of hot water, etc.

  • Target Response Time: 7 Days

Routine Repairs: Low

Routine repairs are items to protect the property’s long-term value or ensure the tenant’s comfort. These include repairing fencing, broken window screens, malfunctioning sprinklers, cleaning gutters, parking lot or driveway maintenance, pest control, etc.

  • Target Response: >30 Days

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