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How to set up and use your resident portal.

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Your resident portal, included as part of the Resident Benefits Package, is a great tool where you will be able to view your ledger, pay rent online, communicate with our team, access all your lease documents and documents pertaining to your home and the HOA, and more. This video will show you how to set up your resident portal and how to navigate it so you can take full advantage of the resources available to you.

We recommend watching the entire video so you can learn how to fully utilize your resident portal. However, here are time codes breaking the video if you are only looking to answer a specific question:

  • I'm trying to log into my portal for the first time from a mobile device. Why won't it work? - 0:20

  • How can I set up my portal? - 0:30

  • How do I navigate my portal? - 1:27

  • Details on the "My Account" page (send messages to the team through the portal, access your ledger and account information, give notice to vacate, etc.) - 2:25

  • Details on the "My Payments" page - 3:20

  • Details on the "My Documents" page - 3:38

  • The document I'm clicking on won't download. How can I download it? - 4:30

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