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Pre-move-out Estimates

Moving out soon? Here's an estimate of how long it will take to complete the move-out checklist yourself and the prices our vendors offer

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We hope everything is going well for you as you are getting ready for your move-out. There are a couple of items we want to cover as you vacate:

1. We want to confirm that you received the Home Cleaning and Maintenance Instructions checklist that you are required to complete at move-out. You can find this here.

2. Make sure you follow the checklist completely to avoid any charges for those items.

3. Moving takes a lot of time, and then cleaning on top of it takes hours, especially to complete the full checklist.  We are happy to help you with the coordination of the move-out cleaning, carpet cleaning, etc. There are a couple of reasons why most of our residents take us up on this:

 - The move-out process takes a long time, and most people get burned out before they even get to the cleaning, etc. that is required at move-out. Then you have to clean and get things ready at your new residence.

 - If we make the arrangements with the cleaners and carpet cleaners for you, then we will hold them responsible if they don't complete everything up to our standards. (If you clean or hire someone yourself, then you will have to hold them accountable if it is not done correctly).

 - If you do clean, you have to make sure everything is completed.  Many residents that clean themselves do a decent job but don't completely clean many items like water fixtures, wiping cabinets clean inside and out, wiping walls and doors as necessary, appliances, etc.  If you are going to do the cleaning, make sure everything is completely clean.

Having said that, you have every right to choose if you would like to clean the home and save some money.  If you do it to the standards in the checklist, we will be happy to get you the full refund you deserve. However, there will be charges for items that require cleaning or repair that have not been taken care of to acceptable condition.

Here are the generic costs of cleaning and carpets through the companies we work with if you choose to go that route.  Please let us know at any time between now and your move-out if you would like us to coordinate these:

General Cleaning of the Home: $212.25. If there is excessive cleaning, blinds, walls that need to be wiped, etc., that could be an additional charge.

Carpet Cleaning: $20/area and $2 per stair for normal cleaning.  If there are spot treatments or excessive areas that need power scrubbing, there will be additional charges.  This is an amazing rate.  You are welcome to talk with other companies for bids, but we have yet to find a better deal.

This is not to scare you into thinking you cannot do it yourself. However, we are very serious about the condition the home needs to be in when you vacate and would like you to know what is expected.

Here are items that are commonly missed but items we expect to be completed by move-out. We often have to send someone back to clean these items and charge the residents:

- Wiping clean all surfaces inside and out. You need to wipe both the inside and outside of all cabinets, drawers, appliances, etc.  There are almost always fingerprints and sticky spots on the outsides of cabinets.

- Wiping clean doors (especially around the handle), light switches, trim, wall corners etc. 

- Dusting and wiping blinds clean.

- The garage. Please clean out, sweep, and wash the garage as needed.

Let us know if you have any questions or would like any help.

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