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Showings for Occupied Properties

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Written by Mark Cropper
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You are vacating your home and Nestwell Property Management  is listing the home you currently live in for rent. We will have prospective tenants that will want to schedule showings to see the home while you are living there.

Nestwell uses a very cool online scheduling software called Showmojo.  When someone is interested in viewing a property, they can go online and choose a time that one of our showing specialists is available to show the home.  When they select that time (something like 4:00pm on a Tuesday) you and any other adult occupants listed on the lease will receive a text message.  This text message will ask you to accept or reject the showing. The response to the showing request only requires one response.  If one party accepts or rejects the showing, that will count as acceptance or rejection.

Accepted Showing: If the showing is accepted, it will notify the prospective tenant and our team will be notified of the scheduled showing. A Nestwell Showing Specialist will be there to meet them in person and show them the home. You do not need to worry about being there for showings as the Showing Specialist will use the key and will lock up when the showing is completed.

Rejected Showing: We need your cooperation to show the property, but we understand that occasionally there will be a valid reason why the proposed showtime does not work. If there is a conflict and the showing is rejected, Showmojo will automatically notify the prospective tenant and ask them to select another showing time.

Notification: You will receive an email each day with the showings that are scheduled for the next 3 days.  Make sure to look at that email as it will keep you updated. If there are no showings scheduled in the next 3 days, you will not receive an email.

Canceled Showings: Canceled showings happen quite often and sometimes on short notice. If a showing is canceled on the same day of the showing, then you will be notified when it happens.  If a showing is canceled at least 1 day before the showing, then it will be updated in the email you receive each morning. If a showing is cancelled at least 1 day before the showing and there are no other showings, then you will not receive an email. No email in the morning, means no showings that day.

Our goal is to find someone quickly that is qualified and ready to move forward with renting the home.  This typically happens more quickly when you are able to work with us and accept as many showings as possible.

VERY IMPORTANT REMINDER: At move in, you signed that you will cooperate with us in scheduling and showing the home.

Thank you for your help and cooperation.

Nestwell Property Management

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