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Evermark Merger with Nestwell FAQs
Evermark Merger with Nestwell FAQs
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Will My Property Management Fees Change? What Are Your Fees? The plan is to keep your management fees the same for the foreseeable future. We do have some great programs and features we are happy to chat with you about.

When Do I Get My Rental Income? Nestwell wants to send the rental proceeds as quickly as possible. Once the funds are clear and available in our bank account, we initial the direct deposit to you. That's a month faster!

How Does Your Maintenance Work? The maintenance handling process will feel very similar. We do have

Who Is My Main Point Of Contact? What If I Have Additional Questions? Who Do I Contact?

What Changes Will I See? How Am I Impacted? There will be some adjustments (for the good).

  • Your owner's statements will look different.

  • You'll receive more information about the status of repairs.

  • Your owner draws will be sent faster.

  • Your properties will be inspected more frequently.

What Is Happening To The Evermark Team? Who Is Joining Nestwell? Several team members are joining Nestwell including some of the support staff, handymen, and of course Shane.

How Do I Access My Account (Owner Portal)? You will receive an email once your account is live at Nestwell. Sit tight if you don't have it yet or send us a quick hello at

What's Nestwell's Vision? We are the company that provides superior service to assist people in taking each step in their real estate journey and achieving their real estate happiness.

Still Have A Question? Schedule A Time To Meet. Or contact us at 801-823-1654 and Of course, Evermark's email and phone numbers will remain active.

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