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Our Setup

We are set up like a hospital and have experts in each field. You wouldn't want Barb from accounting performing your heart surgery, right? 

Here at Nestwell, we believe the same applies to the different areas of property management, so we have different department directors who are all-stars.

The department directors will be your main points of contact. And now, without further ado, introducing the department directors!

PRO TIP: Bookmark this page or save the directors' contact information. Also, save our main phone number which is 801-268-4134.

Marketing Department

Mark Cropper, Director of Marketing | 801.997.5846 (text and voice)

Yes, Mark is the director of mark-eting. Some might call it coincidence, but we prefer to call it fate.

Once the Owner Intake Form is completed, the marketing department has several goals.

  • Rent the home as quickly as possible

  • Rent the home for top dollar

  • Schedule photos and videos with you or the existing tenants if the home is occupied. 

  • Send updates every Tuesday Morning

Maintenance Department

Stacy Washburn, Director of Maintenance | 801.930.1309 (voice)

Stacy has maintenance down to a system to the point some of us wonder if she is secretly a magician. 

  • Maintenance will visit the property

  • Complete a takeover video

  • Assess the home for current maintenance issues

  • Recommend repairs and gather bids 

  • Address maintenance needs.

Accounting Department

Cari Cushing, Director of Accounting | 801.930.1308 (voice)

Cari Cushing or Cari Crushing? Because she is crushing it in her department. If you have accounting questions, please email her. 

Operations Department

Shannon Connelly, Director of Operations | 801.396.5078 (text and voice)

Shannon is the guru of all things operations, contracts, HOA, etc., and she will be getting in touch with you for some of the other onboarding phases. 

Now that you've filled out the Owner Intake Form and met the directors, you've reached the end of Owner Onboarding Phase 1, and you're off to a great start. 

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