Utility Setup

Send Nestwell All The Utilities. We want to manage them for you.

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Welcome to Phase 2A: Utilities

The Basics

  1. Call every utility company and municipality (water, sewer, garbage, gas, electric, and HOA company (if applicable))

  2. Remove all auto payments

  3. Remove e-statements via email and request paper statements

  4. Inform them you are renting out the home and the property is managed by Nestwell

  5. Leave the utility in your name

  6. Send all paper statements and notices to

(Your Name) C/O Nestwell

8813 S Redwood Road, Ste D1

West Jordan, UT 84088

A separate email will be sent with details specific for your property because each utility company behalves a little differently. Don't want to wait for an email? Go here to see a full list of instructions. It won't be specific to the utility companies in your area, but it will give you a general guideline of what you will need to do.

Need Help?

Schedule a time to visit, call us at 801-268-4134, email support@nestwell.com, or use the red chatbox in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. 

What's Next?

Does your home belong to and HOA? Go to Phase 2B: HOA Management & Communication

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