Welcome to Phase 3:  

Thank you for choosing Nestwell Property Management and submitting your Management Agreement. As we prepare to market the home for rent and set up your account, it is important to have the right information about you and your investment.

We will need your assistance with the following: 

  1. Home Owners Insurance Policy # (Insurance Details and FAQs)
         A. Call your homeowner's insurance provider.
         B. Change your policy from regular homeowner insurance to Landlord Policy.
         C. Add Nestwell Property Mangement as an additional insured.
         D. Send us a copy of your insurance policy with the landlord rider.
  2. Update Mailing Address for Water, Sewer, and Garbage.
    A. Call the companies that manage these utilities for your home.
         i. Tell the representative you are renting out your home and need to leave the utility in your name but change the mailing address to:
         (Your Name)
         C/O Nestwell
         8813 S Redwood Road, Ste D1
         West Jordan, UT 84088
    B. When you have done this, send an email to Lauren@nestwellpm.com so we can know it has been taken care of.
  3. Include Landlord Agreements for Power.
    For Lehi, Provo, and other cities that do not use Rocky Mountain Power, change the mailing address for those cities and complete a landlord agreement if one is available. For all others:
    A. Call Rocky Mountain Power at 1-888-221-7070, and set up a Landlord Agreement for the property Nestwell will be managing. To complete this task, you will need your social security number, your date of birth, and the address of the property we will manage for you.
    B. Rocky Mountain Power has started using an online form to set up a landlord agreement. However, since we've gotten a lot of questions about this, and we want to make this as easy for you as possible, once you have received the account number from Rocky Mountain Power, if you complete this Landlord Agreement PowerForm, we will be able to complete the process for you.

    4. Include Landlord Agreement for Gas.
    Dominion Energy:
    A. You will need to call Dominion Energy 800-323-5517. Please request a Landlord Agreement from them. Inform the customer care associate at Dominion Energy of the following:
         i. The bill will remain in your name, but the mailing address will be:
         (Your Name)
         C/O Nestwell
         8813 S Redwood Road, Ste D1
         West Jordan, UT 84088
    B. Once the customer care associate has set up the account please ask that they email you both the Landlord Agreement form and the 3rd party authorization form. Otherwise, Dominion will snail-mail you the documents. This will take days for you to receive, during which the company will place a demand for you to return the documents within 10 days. If you do not comply within the 10 days allotted, the process will be restarted from the beginning.
    C. It can take several hours for the email to arrive. Once the email has arrived please complete the bottom of the Landlord Agreement and the third-party release form and email them to  Lauren@nestwellpm.com.
    D. Alternatively, as a simplified option, once you have an account number, you can complete the Dominion Energy Landlord Agreement PowerForm.
    E. Once all three pages are complete, we will finish the process from here. We will not be able to complete the landlord agreement unless all three pages are complete.

    5. If applicable, please ensure the HOA monthly statements are received in this office as well as any communications. Click here for instructions on setting up the HOA. When you have done this, send an email to Lauren@nestwellpm.com so we can know it has been taken care of.

    Please ensure that you complete all of the steps fully and accurately. Nestewell will not be held responsible for any error made by owners when they update their accounts and mailing addresses that may lead to Nestwell not receiving copies of the bills and accounts becoming past due as a result.

    We understand this is a time consuming process for you, and we apologize for any inconvenience, but once completed we are better able to manage your home, and your exposure to liability is reduced.

    Once your home has been rented, we will not be able to start sending your monthly owner draws until all of the above items are complete. This is to ensure that we receive everything we need to manage your property.

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