Ice Maker Is Not Making Ice

Video describes the 6 most common issues with a malfunction ice maker. Recommend tenants use tips 1-4, and leave 5-6 to professionals

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Welcome to Nestwell Property Managements 24/7 DIY Maintenance Center. Thank you for your question regarding the ice maker in your freezer. In our experience, there are multiple variables that can affect the ability of the ice maker to make ice, including temperature fluctuations, a misaligned ice bucket or a lever that needs to be readjusted, a clogged water filter, a frozen fill tube, a stuck or faulty door switch, or a clogged water line.

The following video will provide you instructions on how to repair these 6 most common issues. We do recommend that you leave tips #5 and #6 to a professional:

If tips 1-4 don’t resolve the issue and you need additional assistance, please log in to your Resident Portal and Request a Repair. Be sure to mention that you tried the first 4 tips and the issue still hasn’t been resolved.

Please be aware, if a vendor is dispatched to attend to the ice maker, and the issue turns out to be caused by temperature fluctuations, a misaligned ice bucket/lever reset, a clogged water filter, or frozen fill tube, a charge will be applied to your ledger in the month following the vendors visit.

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