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Video describes how to reset your water heater

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Welcome to Nestwell Property Managements 24 Hour DIY Maintenance Center. Thank you for your inquiry about the lack of hot water in your unit.

Please remember that hot water tanks do have limited capacity, and activities like washing the dishes, washing the laundry, bathing and shower can quickly use up the available resevoir of hot water in the tank, especially if these activities take place at the same time.

It can take between thirty minutes to an hour and a half (30 min-1hr30min) for the water tank to properly restore it's resevoir.

If you still have no hot water after waiting for an hour and a half (1hr30min), then you may need to reset the water heater.

The following video will show you how to reset your water heater:

If you need additional assistance, please log in to your Resident Portal and Request a Repair.

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