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Changing a Kenmore Refrigerator Water Filter
Changing a Kenmore Refrigerator Water Filter

Two videos show us how to change common water filters on a Kenmore Refrigerator

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Welcome to Nestwell Property Managements 24/7 DIY Maintenance Center. Thank you for your question regarding the water dispenser on your Kenmore Refrigerator. In our experience, most water and ice dispenser issues can be fixed by replacing an old filter with a new filter.

The following videos will show you how to replace the water filter in Kenmore Refrigerators

Bottom Panel Filter:

Interior Filter:

Sometimes, on interior filters, the casing will be placed in a panel that recesses into the roof of the refrigerator. There will be an indicator showing you where the filter can be found. Usually, a gentle push on the panel will make the casing drop down so you can access the filter.

In the event changing the water filter does not fix the problem, please reach out to our maintenance team and we will be happy to assist you.

Please be aware, in the event a vendor is dispatched to attend to the issue at hand, and it's found the filter was the issue, a trip fee, and other associated costs will be applied to your tenant ledger.
If you need additional assistance, please log in to your Resident Portal and Request a Repair.

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