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Ceiling Mounted Dome Light Fixture Lightbulb Replacement
Ceiling Mounted Dome Light Fixture Lightbulb Replacement

Smooth ceiling dome light removal

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To prevent electrocution always remember to turn off the light switch to the corresponding light fixture before replacing the burnt-out light bulb.

Welcome to Nestwell Property Managements 24/7 DIY Maintenance Center. Thank you for your question regarding the replacement of incandescent lightbulbs, located in a ceiling-mounted dome light fixture

Please follow the instructions laid out in the following video to access the burned-out lightbulbs in your light fixture:

Pro-Tip: If you don't have rubber gloves to help you find your grip, double-sided sticky tape wrapped around your fingers will help you find purchase and keep your grip.
If you need additional assistance, please log in to yourResident Portal and Request a Repair.

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