Guide to Self-Showings

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When available, a self-showing is usually the fastest way to be able to see an available rental. It is only available on certain properties that are currently vacant. Here is more info you need to know:

Step 1: You will go to our available listings and online scheduler at www.nestwellrentals to schedule a time.

- When scheduling the showing it will let you know that you have to provide a photo copy of your ID. You can submit this at the time you schedule the showing.

Step 2: If you have not submitted your ID, you will receive both an email and text with links where you can go to submit your ID.

Step 3: Once ID is submitted a member of our team will need to view and approve the ID.

Step 4: Once ID is approved, you will receive a text and email confirmation.

Step 5: The text will have a link that you will click on to get the code. However, you are required to physically be at the property with your phone location turned on in order to click on that link and get the code.

Step 6: The system will send a text and email to have you confirm you are still going to the showing. If this is not confirmed before it gets to 1 hour before the showing, the showing will automatically be cancelled. Confirm the showing by following the instructions in the messages you were sent.

Step 7: When physically at the property, click the link in the text. You will be given a code.

Step 8: Follow the directions on the lockbox. Input code, press enter, press the lockbox where it says "press here" and it will pop open and the key is inside.

Step 9: View the home, turn off all lights when done. Make sure all doors are locked. Place the key back in the lockbox and close it.

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