Nestwell accepts all sources of income that applicants are able to provide verifiable documentation for. Our preferred documentation is an applicant’s three most recent pay stubs or two years of most recent tax returns (These need to be personal tax returns, not tax returns for your business if you are self-employed). However, there are situations in which an applicant does not have three current pay stubs or their current income differs from what is listed on their two most recent tax returns. We also accept:

  • All housing vouchers.
  • A signed offer letter if you recently accepted a new job. This will need to be signed by both you and your new employer.
  • Three most recent months of bank statements if you have not been in your current self-employment long enough to have two years of tax returns. These will need to be bank statements associated with your personal account, not your business account.
  • A transfer letter if you will have the same job in Utah after moving from another state. Required for out-of-state job transfers.
  • Documentation showing alimony payments, annuity payments, Social Security or disability benefits, settlement agreements, residual income from investments, inheritance, etc. For these, we prefer signed letters, statements, court orders, or other official documentation. However, if you are unable to provide official documentation, we can accept three months’ of your most recent bank statements showing the payments.

If you are unsure of what to provide as proof of income for your situation, please contact our office, and we will assist you.

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