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Owner's Guide to Vacating Tenants and Finding Great New Tenants
Owner's Guide to Vacating Tenants and Finding Great New Tenants

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Written by Mark Cropper
Updated over a week ago

The tenant(s) in your property has given notice to vacate. What happens next?

In the case the tenant lets us know they are going to vacate, we get ready to start the process for advertising and showing the property to find some new great tenants.  We will do a rental analysis and send you our recommended rental pricing plan.  This will explain the rental pricing and possible adjustments over the next few weeks.

The plan will be to start advertising the property around 30 days before it is available for move in.  This allows us to show the property while it is still occupied and collecting rental income. 

Our goal is to keep the vacancy and days without rent to a minimum. Under normal circumstances, we usually need about 4 working days to get the property turned and move in ready for the next tenants. Some upgrades can delay that a bit depending on how intensive the labor will be.

During the time the property is listed for rent, you will receive a report each Tuesday that shows the listing activity and the number of showings that have been scheduled and completed.  We will also send you an update if there is any serious interest like a submitted application or feedback from prospects that is necessary to share.

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