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How Utility Bills Are Handled
How Utility Bills Are Handled

Part of Nestwell's service to handling the utilities. We collect the invoices, pay them on behalf of the owner and collect from the tenants.

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Governing the utilities is something Nestwell wants to do and is included with our services. Here's how utilities are handled to ensure you are protected. 

#1. Water, Sewer, and Garbage will also stay in the your name because they are tied to the property tax id number of your home and when a bill is not paid, the city or municipality will lien your home. Therefore, we never put the utilities in the resident's name. For example, should a resident not make the payment on time and in full, the city would  lien your property and there are no consequences for the tenant. 

#2. Once Nestwell receives the paper bill, it is scanned and uploaded to the Bills section of Owner and Residents Portals. This creates transparency for both sides to see the actual invoice. 

#3. Nestwell makes payment on time and in full to ensure you the owner's account is in good standing.

#4.  Nestwell will then recover the resident's utilization with their next month's rents. 

Please note the Cities and Municipalities bill about 25-30 days in the rears. Nestwell then does a cost recovery for those charges about 15 days later. Meaning the life cycle of a city or municipality bill is about 45 days. 

*** Please note the first 45 days of a lease there would not be charges to a new lease. However, there would be a collection of utilization 45 days after the departure of a resident. 

Should you have additional questions or if I have confused you in any way let schedule a call and review this together. 

- Team Nestwell

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