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Maintenance Coordination Fee
Maintenance Coordination Fee

Starting January 1, 2020 Nestwell will charge a $20 Maintenance Coordination Fee (MCF) on each work order when a vendor is dispatched.

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Higher Tenant Retention - Besides normal life progression or a life-changing event, the #1 reason tenants move from one rental to another is because of maintenance issues with their existing landlords. Happy tenants = longer-term tenancy, lower turnover costs, lower vacancy, and more. 

Transparent Invoices - Parts, labor, and vendor notes are now more detailed on your Owner Portal. 

Tenant-Caused Damage - Each invoice is reviewed by the contractor and maintenance team. When tenant-caused damage is found Nestwell passes through the expense of the repair to the tenant. Think GI Joe in a toilet. We also offer additional insurance when a tenant causes damage

Dedicated Maintenance Team - We have more team members in the maintenance department than ever before who are dedicated to troubleshooting and resolving issues before we ever bother you or dispatch a vendor. 

Better Vendors - We spend countless hours each year vetting vendors to ensure they meet the Nestwell standards to ensure they stand behind their work. 

Better Pricing - Vendors and contractors give Nestwell preferential pricing because of the volume of work we give them. 

Property Evaluations - We now have a full-time property evaluator who completes walk-through evaluations of your investment property frequently and generates detailed reports, looks for lease issues, and more. 

Reduced Management Fees - Rather than bumping up our management fees on every door we manage in order to support the demands and workload of additional help, we chose to offset the cost by only charging those properties that require additional time and resources of our maintenance team to adequately manage the maintenance of their property. 

No Hidden Fees - Other property managers receive kickbacks, suppressed fees, or "mark-up" invoices from vendors. We are simply transparent.

Stored Conversations and Work Order History - Great benefit when selling your home or needing to review work orders. Want to depreciate a remodel or appliance. Yeah, we got that covered.

Nestwell's Work Order Process

  1. Receive Work Order - Via Tenant Portal, Text, Email, Phone

  2. Troubleshoot - Maintenance hotline is managed 24/7 by trained professionals who perform a detailed Q&A to eliminate the need for a call out or diagnose the problem to the extant that the attending technician will be prepared. 

  3. Create Work Order

  4. Research - Check for warranty information or owner specific vendor instructions. Look at the history of the home to ensure this isn't recurring. 

  5. Select and Contact Vendor - Give a detailed scope of work. Find the best vendor for the least amount of money that is available to do the work.

  6. Coordinate - Service appointment between vendor & tenant. 

  7. Review - Work order with the onsite technician (discuss options & culpability)

  8. Verify - Work order has been completed (review photos, updated systems, follow up with vendors and tenants) 


When is the fee not charged? 

  • Turnover Process - No Charge. That includes carpet cleaning, general cleaning, rekeying, and other items typically done when preparing a home for rent. Leasing Fee includes taking all the steps necessary to prepare your home for rent as well as the marketing the property to find a new tenant. For example, coordinating general cleaning, rekeying, carpet cleaning are all included.

  • Routine Items - One-time setup of $20. (routine dumpster removal, monthly pest control, HVAC tune-ups)

  • Sprinkler & Swamp Cooler Winterization/Startup - No Charge

When is this fee charged? Typically this fee is charged when we need to dispatch a vendor or homeowner to the property. 

What's included in the fee? Extensive troubleshooting with tenant and fielding questions 24/7/365. When necessary it includes three bids from our preferred vendors. 

How much will this cost me? On average there are about 6 work orders created each year. So the total Maintenance Coordination Fee is about $120 per year. Working with a bad vendor or failing to inspect the property can cost $1000s in damage.

How does the Fee show up on my Owner Statement? The full bill and notes are uploaded to your Owner Portal as soon as the invoice is received from the vendor. The MCF is a separate line item.

What if I have a major remodel or larger peril involving multiple vendors and insurance claims? Nestwell still will facilitate with major renovation coordination. Coordinating major remodels and or facilitating insurance claims are outside the normal scope of property management and are billed at $65/hr.   

What if I have 10+ work orders in one month? This is highly unlikely. However, Nestwell will not exceed $100 a month in MCF. That means if you have multiple work orders in one month you will not be charged the coordination fee of more than $100/mo. 

Have Questions?

If you feel we've missed something or you have additional questions, please contact us at

Thank you for your continued support as we maintain your home. 


The Nestwell Team

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