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Do you manage vacation and short-term rentals?
Do you manage vacation and short-term rentals?

Vacation rentals, airbnb, and other short-term rentals are not our forte. However, we can still be a resource to help you.

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Nestwell's specialty is managing long-term rentals and place tenants from six month to twenty four month rentals. We provide stability and peace of mind for real estate investors who are in it for the long-play. The homeowner makes consistent and reliable income without any thought or effort on the homeowner's part. 

There are certainly benefits to doing Airbnb like additional cashflow and flexibility of staying in the home when you are new town to name a few of the perks. 

However, most nightly rental management companies take 20% to 40% in management fees because of the amount of work it takes to turn a property quickly in preparation for the new tenant. The turnover can be draining mentally, requires additional supervision, and can cause more damage to the home because of the transit feel of new people constantly move in and out of your property.  

If you are really set on only Airbnb/nightly rental thing, I can certainly refer you to other companies who's focus is on short-term rentals in Salt Lake. If you have any other questions or would entertain doing a long-term tenant, I'm happy to help. 

But if you are interested in long-term rentals, Nestwell is happy to schedule a time to tour the home, provide a rental analysis on the property, and give you all the information needed to make an informed decision. 

Think of me a resource for anything related to rentals. We have partnerships with just about everyone in the industry and happy to answer any questions.

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