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Here’s a step-by-step guide with tips and tricks to help make submitting your application an easy and smooth process.

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Watch Step-By-Step Video

Without completing all the steps in the tutorial, your application will not come through correctly, and some of the information you included may be lost. There are ways to fix this, but it will delay the processing of your application. 

If you have questions about the application, watch the video and check out our Application FAQs Page. You will most likely be able to find answers to your questions with these faster than you would by contacting our office. However, if your question isn’t included in the list, feel free to send an email to or call 801-253-2414.

We recommend watching the entire video to ensure you do everything needed for completing the application. However, here are time codes breaking the video into specific sections: 

  • I’m filling out the application on my phone, and it isn’t working. - 0:05

  • How can I get to the application? - 0:23  

  • Who needs to fill out an application? What about my adult child/spouse/etc. if they won’t be living in the home all the time? - 0:36

  • Application fee information - 0:49

  • Why won't the application scroll down? - 0:58

  • What are your rental criteria? Will I qualify for the home? - 1:07  

  • Who should I contact if I have questions about my application? - 1:20

  • Questions regarding the Personal Information section  - 2:20

  • Important! What if I don’t have my current landlord’s contact information? - 3:08

  • Questions regarding the Prior Residence(s) section - 3:51

  • How can I add additional adult occupants to my application?/How can I add a lease guarantor? - 4:16

  • Questions regarding the Employment section - 5:06

  • Questions regarding the Animals, Vehicles, and Background sections - 5:41

  • Questions regarding the Other Information section - 6:34

  • Questions regarding the DocuSign form - 7:18

  • What do you accept for a photo ID and proof of income? - 7:32 (You can find additional information here.)

  • Paying the application fee - 8:55  

  • How can I save and return later? - 9:06

  • I don't see the email to get back into my application in my email inbox. - 9:27

  • When will I know if my application is approved? - 9:52  

  • Additional questions - 10:01

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