Owner's Personal Property

Information regarding Owner's that leave personal property at the rental property.

Written by Mark Cropper
Updated over a week ago

In the case that a homeowner is leaving personal property of any kind at the rental property, we want to remind you that Nestwell Property Management and the tenants will not be held responsible for those personal items.

In Section 22h of the Management Agreement, it reads:  h. Agent shall not be responsible for damage done to Property by tenants, nor for rent not paid by tenants. Agent shall not be responsible for personal property left or stored by Owner on or about the Property.

Nestwell Property Management does not recommend leaving any items of personal property at the rental property that you value or want to be in the same condition if you return or want to take back possession of that item.  The most common types of personal property left at the rental property are:

  • Yardcare tools and supplies

  • Tools

  • Bbq or grill

  • Mounted TV's

  • Any type of furniture

  • Extra flooring pieces, tile, or construction supplies

Please remember that if you choose to leave any personal property at the rental property, you do so at your own risk and Nestwell Property Management nor the tenants will be responsible to replace them if they are damaged, stop working, or missing.

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