Eviction Shield Program

Eviction Shield is a service that protects you from additional costs when a tenant is forcible removed from a property aka evicted.

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The good news is that Nestwell evicts less than 1% of all placed tenants each year. The bad news is that when evictions do need to happen, they can be costly and time-consuming. That’s why our affordable Eviction Shield Program covers the following headaches and fees for a low fee. 

However, on occasion things go wrong. A tenant loses their job, a loved one, or the occupants get a divorce. Whatever the reason, sometimes tenants can't pay their rent and refuse to vacate the property. When tenants don't pay rent and all of our communication and arrangements have failed, Nestwell has to forceable remove a tenant from your investment property.  

What Is Eviction Shield Program? 

In the event of an eviction/unlawful detainer, Nestwell will pay for your legal and court fees associated with the eviction. This can save you hundreds of dollars and reduce the hassle and headaches surrounding evictions. Evictions can be one of the most frustrating and challenging aspects of owning rental property. Nestwell also will attend all of the court hearing, pay for constable fees, Now for a low annual fee, Nestwell Property Management's exclusive Eviction Shield Program will pay for the eviction filing fees, court fees, service fees, legal fees, and constable fees. It's a win-win for our property owners!

Do I Need Eviction Shield? 

It really depends on your level of risk. Can you stomach a bit of lost rents or afraid to face an eviction? Are you unsure what an eviction will cost? Do you have an attorney that can help you through the process? 

What Does It Cover? 

  • Legal/Attorney Fees

  • Daily drive-bys and occupancy checks during the eviction process.

  • Court Appearances Fees

  • Filing/Court Fees

  • Constable Fees

  • Service of Notice Fees (Three Day Pay or Vacates/Comply or Vacates)

  • 30+ Years of experience regarding the eviction due process. 

  • All negotiations between Nestwell and the delinquent tenants. 

On average, an unattested eviction cost about $750 in Utah. But if you sign up, the cost is zero. 

When should you have Eviction Protection Program?

  • Have late rent would make it impossible to pay your mortgage on time. 

  • Your home is in an area with a poor rental pool or the area is suppressed. 

  • Your home is run down and been sitting vacant so you are forced to reduce your rental standards. 

How Much is Eviction Shield? 

Eviction Shield is $99/year billed on each January (prorated upon sign-up). 

So for $8.25/mo or one less trip to Starbucks a month and you will have additional peace of mind. 

EVICTION SHIELD TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Eviction Shield applies to the fees associated with evictions or unlawful detainer for tenants that CDA Properties Inc. dba Nestwell Property Management located, screened, and moved in. Nestwell will pay the filing fees, legal fees, constable fees, and court fees associated with the eviction up to $700. Nestwell Property Management at its discretion will charge the amount credited to the Owner back to the tenant and will at Nestwell Property Management's discretion, collect and retain such amounts from the tenant. In the event the tenant requests and is granted a trial and/or jury trial, the owner shall be responsible for such legal fees. Eviction Shield fees are deducted from Owner's rental income or portfolio balance. In the event the unit is occupied at the time of enrollment, Nestwell will honor the Eviction Shield after four consecutive months of management, payment of Eviction Shield fees, and two months of consecutive on-time rent payments by the tenant within four months prior to an eviction being initiated and filed with the courts. Eviction Shield yearly fees are assessed each year the unit is under management by Nestwell and is not contingent on the unit being occupied. Eviction Shield can be cancelled at any time by Owner and is only valid upon payment of the Eviction Shield fees. The benefits of Eviction Shield expire upon the cancellation of management services. It is understood by both Nestwell Property Management and Owner that Eviction Shield is NOT insurance and is in no way a replacement or substitute for any insurances that may be offered by licensed insurance agencies.

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