Welcome to Phase 5: Owner Portal

We want you as the owner to be informed about what is happening with your investment properties 24/7. The main tool we use to keep you informed is the Owner Portal. 

Inside the Owner Portal you can:

  • Access statements, bills, and documents, including contracts and lease paperwork.
  • Communicate online with the entire staff of Nestwell. We're here for you.
  • Add a payment profile for electronic debits and credits and make owner contributions.
  • Review maintenance requests (we call work orders melds).
  • Check the real-time status of your rental income.
  • Review detailed inspections and more.
  • Update your contact information. 

Please be patient as we do not setup your owner portal until we have a signed lease for your property. Once we have a signed lease, we will activate your portal and you will receive instructions on setting up your password and logging in.

Along with activating your portal, we will send instructions on scheduling your OWNER PORTAL TRAINING SESSION with Shannon Connelly our Operations Director. This session is so you can receive training on your owner portal and feel comfortable with how we handle your property. 

It is important we wait for a signed lease and other information to be in your owner portal so Shannon has some real information to show you when training on how to navigate the portal.

Here are some links If you would like to get a preview of the portal and your owner statements. We have resources that can help you get started, including a User Manual for your owner portal, a sample owner statement, and a video that walks you through reading and understanding your owner statement.

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