Welcome to Phase 2B: Setting Up the HOA (if applicable)

Note: If there is no HOA skip this step.

Part of Nestwell's service is handling Home Owner's Association (HOA) payments, communications, notices, and violations. Please follow the steps below to ensure all communications and bills are sent to our office. 

  1. Call the HOA and ensure the HOA statements are sent to our office. 

  2. Add Nestwell Property Management to the account. Sometimes this is called "authorized user". 

  3. Change the mailing address to Nestwell's office. For example: (Your Name) c/o Nestwell 8813 S. Redwood Road, Ste D1, West Jordan, UT 84088. 

  4. Have all emails from the HOA forwarded to support@nestwell.com.

  5. Send us a copy of the HOA's CC&Rs. This gives us a way of letting tenants know the community rules.

Please ensure the HOA Monthly/Quarterly Statements are received to Nestwell as well all communications. If you don't do this step we can not help mitigate complaints, violations, etc. 

If you are planning on paying the monthly dues yourself, then you will only need to ask the HOA to include us in communications. To do this, you will need to contact the HOA over your property. When you have done this, send an email to support@nestwell.com so we can know it has been taken care of.

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