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Homes Service & Repair (Maintenance) Onboarding
Homes Service & Repair (Maintenance) Onboarding

Preparing the home for rent is an important phase. We'll do the heavy lifting.

Written by Mark Cropper
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Welcome to Phase 3: Maintenance

Hello! Welcome to the property maintenance portion of onboarding. One of our goals is to make sure your house is ready to rent as soon as possible and see if you need our help preparing the house to rent. 

We also want to confirm a few things: 

  1. What day you expect to be moved out of the property so we know when our work can begin?

  2. Is there is anything at the property you know of that needs to be fixed, cleaned, painted, etc. 

  3. Would you like us to send out our vendors to get bids and/or do the work?

Please email us the answers to those three questions at or call 801-930-1309. We are happy to help in any way.

When the property is vacant (home is completely empty of personal property and keys are turned over to us), we will visit it to do a takeover evaluation video to determine the condition and needs of the home. 

If there are things that do not meet Nestwell's Property Standards, we will create work orders to bring them up to standard to ensure the tenants have great experience. The better the condition we turn the property over to the tenant, the better Nestwell can expect it back.

We are happy to email you the link of the video so you see what we see. We will also send you a list of things that we will be having done, for instance, cleaning the carpets.

If you have any questions throughout this process, please do not hesitate contact us. Contact info is above. Please allow us 24 business hours to respond unless it's an emergency. 

We look forward to getting your home ready and well maintained. 

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