In order to renew or terminate the tenant's lease, we need to your plans. Many things happen behind the scene in order to renew the tenant's lease.

Please choose one of three options below. 

  1. Renew the lease with the current tenants at the same rate. You have a good thing going. Why disrupt it?

  2. Renew with the current tenants and increase the rent if possible. One of our leasing experts will research the rental market and make sure you’re maximizing the return on your investment.

  3. Sell your investment home. Considering selling? We can help you make an informed decision on whether to sell or keep your investment. We will send you a detailed market analysis of your property. We know you, we know your investment, and we know the market. Curious to know your home's value now? Click here to find out!

Once we know your intentions as the homeowner, we will go to the tenants and offer to renew the lease or terminate it. 

In-Home Evaluation

Prior to renewing the lease, Nestwell will inspect the home 45-60 Days before the lease expires to determine if the tenant is taking good care of the property. 

Collect New Applications

During the renewal process, Nestwell collects new rental applications from the existing tenants and updates all of their employment, contact information and other pertinent details. 

Create New Lease

Nestwell is always progressive when it comes to the Rental Agreement between you and the tenant. We consistently updated it to follow legislative changes, best practices and close any loopholes we've found. Our lease is bulletproof.

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