Property Standards

Minimum Property Standards help homeowners and investors to create a better experience for tenants.

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We have developed property standards to assist our clients in accomplishing the following:

  1. Reduce their liability as investment property owners.

  2. Help preserve their assets and reduce costs caused by deferred maintenance.

  3. Give them a competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive rental market.

  4. Provide a safe, clean environment for their tenants and encourage long-term residency.

The property standards, which are outlined below, are guidelines to help standardize the process of getting investment properties into a rent-ready condition. Each investment property is unique and these standards are meant to serve as a guide to help our clients be as informed as possible about the recommended condition for a rental property.

Please let us know what items we can address for you and which items you would like to handle. We are happy to orchestrate everything needed to maximize the rent and reduce vacancy.  You are just responsible for the cost of the work at the property.

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