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Ideal Time to Rent Out Your Home
Ideal Time to Rent Out Your Home

Renting out your home has quite a few factors and in Salt Lake City there is definitely a season to renting or selling your home.

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Based on the research and over 30 years of experience renting homes in Utah area we have found there is a season to renting homes in Utah. The ideal season is from March through August. ย 

Data shows May, June and August have the largest number of prospective tenants house hunting. Which makes sense, because the weather is warm, schools are out, college students graduate, and the weather is nice for activities like moving.

November, December and January are traditionally the most difficult time of year to find a new tenant. Avoid these months as much as possible. Most tenants go into hibernation because their children are mid-school year, any additional income is spent on holiday gifts, and the weather is cold making moving even more difficult.
The silver lining to having a property vacant during the holiday season is there are not a lot of homes on the market so the supply of homes is reduced.
For strategies on filling vacancies in the bad time of year, please call us at 801-268-4134 ext 4.

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