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The Scope of Property Management
The Scope of Property Management

What is not included in your services.

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What is included

We want you to know what we do for you as your property management company. Therefore, Nestwell has outlined details on our policies and procedures in future pages of this information. There are many details and aspects of managing a property which we can only include the basics in this manual. If you have more questions, contact your management team.

Again, these are general guidelines and when necessary, policies will change. Please bear in mind that we are unable to do “everything” that is required to service a property under our management fees.

What is not included

Because Nestwell provides owners with full service, it can be easy to request something that we cannot perform. Some tasks go beyond the normal scope of property management or require additional fees/services. Normal Property Management does not include providing on-site management services, property sales, refinancing and arranging for appraisals, preparing property for sale or refinancing, modernization, fire or major damage restoration, rehabilitation, obtaining or giving income tax/accounting, and legal advice, representation before public agencies, advising on proposed new construction, debt collection, counseling, making deliveries, or attending Homeowner Association meetings.

If you have any questions on what is included or not included in property management, please let us know. We have more information on additional services later in this manual.

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